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Just who makes up the Arizona Video Game Industry?

On this page you can find game studios, independent developers, and other game development resources based right here in Arizona.

Don't see yourself here, or have a suggestion on who to add? Drop us a line!

2XL Games | Phoenix | 2XL Racing, 2XL Fleet Defense, Spelltorn
We are a game development studio based in Phoenix, AZ. Over the years, we've produced and shipped many games, on both console and mobile platforms.

7 Sentinels | Phoenix | Chroma Shift
Indie Game Studio specializing in creating innovative games for PC, console, and mobile devices.

Abeona Games | Phoenix | Consultant
Abeona Games is a pioneering design and development studio specializing in creating innovative interactive experiences for the transportation industry.

AbstrAKT Games | Chandler | Deathly, Blox, Lacuna
Winner of the ISR 1.0 and peoples choice ISR 2.0. Learning C# and drawing crazy things with my hands! New projects coming soon!

Ackmi Entertainment | Gilbert | The Hinterlands, Fluffles, Ackmi Dress Up 2
Indie developer whose mission is to create the best mobile games possible!

Al Jones Corporation | Phoenix | Lyrics Guru
Al Jones Corporation, founded in 2012, develops user-friendly games and provides nearshore outsourcing services.

Aoineko Studios | Arizona | Kitaru
Independent game development studio.

Ara Shirinian | Phoenix | Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion
Video game developer and writer.

ASU Center for Games & Impact | Tempe | Impact Guides
Directed by Professor Sasha Barab, the Center has as its mission to investigate, innovate, and cultivate game-infused solutions to society’s biggest challenges.

Asymmetric Publications | Mesa | Kingdom of Loathing, World Realms
The people who work on Kingdom of Loathing.

Big Bang Entertainment | Phoenix | MX vs ATV
 Big Bang Entertainment specializes in developing multiplayer computer and console video games. BBE strives to create the best online games, be it pick-up and play arcade style games, or deep and rich MMO experiences.

BNC Design Studios | Mesa | Gemology
Designers, producers and manufacturers of video games, non-electronic games and collectibles.  With these three pillars, BNC seeks to redefine your standard of quality in art and entertainment for the gamer, by the gamer.

Boldly Games | Mesa | Grim World, Emberscape
Boldly Games is an independent game studio located in Mesa, Arizona.

Broken Bulb Game Studios | Scottsdale | Miscrits, Ninja Wars, Don't Suck
At Broken Bulb, our goal is to create dynamic, engaging, innovative games that change the gaming industry in some great way with each new project. 

Broken Window Studios | Tempe | Grave, Reflections
Broken Window Studios is a new independent developer working on Grave, an open-world survival horror game using the Unity game engine. We are a small team of developers with a focus on creating high-end, AAA quality games on a very small budget. Game CoLab Affiliate. 

Caper Academy | Arizona | Lights, Hand of Glory, Starship Lexicon
My goal with Caper Academy is to further my own development as a programmer and a creator, and to try to be a good member of the game development community. I’m very privileged to be able to choose the way that I will spend my time, and I will do my best to not waste that privilege.

CollectorVision | Chandler | Sydney Hunter and the Curse of the Mayans
We are dedicated to give you the maximum quality in term of Homebrew Games.

Danny Perski | Phoenix | Kings & Corpses, Rock Paper Missiles, Exponential Retaliation
I am a game designer, software developer, and programmer. I currently reside in Phoenix, AZ and I'm a student at Collins College. I've released several games over the past few years.

Data Realms | Arizona & Sweden | Cortex Command, Planetoid Pioneers
We are a small independent game development studio comprised of a handful of passionate and talented individuals physically scattered across the world, yet closely connected through the internet.

Desert Owl Games | Tucson | Pox Nora, Void Rim
Desert Owl Games produces the most engaging tactical strategy games for millions of cult-like players. Our games have incomparable longevity, monetization rates, and community engagement.

Design Works Gaming | Scottsdale | Neverland Riches, Tokyo Beauty, Cabaret Cash
Design Works Gaming creates unique, engaging and highly original casino, internet, mobile and social gaming products that command players’ attentions and sustain their enjoyment levels. 

DrawLabs Game Studio | Chandler | Brain Ball, SupaSupaCross, IceOne Racing
Game Development + Design Studio in Chandler, AZ for Mobile, Web, Consoles + Desktop.

DUUL Software | Arizona | Competitive Gaming Platform
Start making money playing the games you love. Rapid Rewards. Any Game. Any Platform. Cheater-Free.

E-Line Media | Arizona & New York | Never Alone, Gamestar Mechanic, Minecraft EDU
E-Line Media is an entertainment and educational publisher harnessing the power of games to help youth thrive in a globally connected and rapidly changing world.

Errborne | Tempe | RMF, Mortal Coil
Errborne is a fresh-faced game development studio with a focus on pure, competitive play. Game CoLab Incubator Program alum.

Flashbang Studios | Phoenix | Raptor Safari, Blurst, Time Donkey
Flashbang is an independent developer. We create unique, outlandish fun.

Gamezees | Tempe | Planet Pilots
Gamezees is an independent game studio and Game CoLab Incubator Program alum.

Grumpyface Gaming | Tempe | Attack the Light, Adventure Time Game Wizard, Castle Doombad
Grumpyface Studios is an independent game developer based in Phoenix, Arizona. Founded in 2010 by Chris Graham, Grumpyface focuses on

games that deliver unique and accessible play experiences complimented by distinct personality and colorful, stylish presentation. 

Himalaya Studios | Arizona & Australia | Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine, Mage's Initiation, Gemini Rue
Adventure Game developer, creating Point-and-Click games in the style of the Sierra & LucasArts classics.

Hot Salsa Interactive | Scottsdale | Branded Mobile Apps
Mobile marketing for your business. Fun for your mobile customers.

Industry Games | Gilbert | Kings & Heroes
Industry Games is a privately funded game development studio located in sunny Gilbert, Arizona. It was formed in February 2013 and staffing began in November of that same year. The company itself is comprised of talented artists, programmers, designers, and engineers, many of whom have contributed to the development of notable AAA titles.

I-Novae Studios | Arizona & Global | I-Novae Engine, Infinity: Battlescape
Composed of talented, passionate people from all over the world, I-Novae Studios is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of modern technology to create new and truly unique interactive experiences.

Justin Messner | Phoenix | Minecart Quest
Justin 'REKLAS' Messner is a concept artist based in Phoenix, Arizona who specializes in world design for the entertainment industry. Justin is available for commissions and freelance work.

Kihon Games | Tucson | Conquest of Champions, SketchPhrase, Baby Monkey
Kihon, by definition, is perfection through repetition. We are perfecting our craft of game development by infusing each game w/ our passion for quality & fun.

Krazy Keet Games | Phoenix | Annex: Conquer the World, Super Ricochet Arena, Terra Centauri
One man Indie Game Studio. Develops for PC, Android and IOS.

Laughing Skull Game | Phoenix | TBA

Indie game developer.

Little Box | Arizona | Monsters Invade: Oz
We make video games and apps.

Megu Games | Arizona | Modern Words, Puzzle Number 9, Hooked on Words
Megu is an independent developer and publisher of high quality, fun and addictive games built exclusively with mobile in mind.

Mindspace | Phoenix & Portland | Gamification Contractors
We are an independent creative agency that specializes in using gamification to engage a distracted audience

Morgopolis Studios | Arizona | Magicians & Looters
We make video games! Current project: Magicians and Looters.

New Myth Studios | Phoenix | ChickUn, The War of Men
We are New Myth Studios, a multimedia studio in the process of developing various forms of media arts, from comic books to video games.

OOC Studios | Tucson | Neila, PaciFire
We build games that are out of control, out of character, and out of context!

Onverse | Arizona | Online Virtual World
Onverse is an online 3D virtual world game full of friends and fun. Grab a free home and head out to explore for shopping points.

Ornithopter Games | Arizona | Troll Bridge
Ornithopter Games is a one-person, self-funded, independent video game studio. Right now we're held aloft by pure inspiration and a desire to craft games that capture the imagination through engaging storytelling and inventive gameplay.

Playtime Interactive | Arizona | Nick Jr. Boost, Smarty Ants Reading World, Disco Dance Party
Playtime Interactive is a firm dedicated to creating the best children’s apps, video games, web content and interactive toys in the market. We provide clients with innovative, fun and engaging interactive content across a wide variety of mediums.

Propelled Bird | Arizona | Tesseract
We are a small company that has its eyes set on mixing it up in the gaming market. Our games follow our motto, "Putting the story back into the game."

Rainbow Studios | Phoenix | MX vs ATV series
Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Rainbow Studios develops thrilling and innovative off-road racing games for the latest console systems and PC platforms.

Razor Edge Games | Gilbert | Epocolypse: The AfterFall
Razor Edge Games, creating cutting edge games! We strive for originality and to push the envelope on what is possible in today’s world of gaming. Delivering a quality product that is fun and entertaining is our main focus. We seek to make sure the games that we create bring people together and leave them with stories they will share for a lifetime.

Return to Adventure Mountain | Phoenix | Drill Planet, City Tuesday, Rogue Drop
Hi, I am Chris. I make a new game every month and think that they should be smaller, more beautiful, and simpler.

Riverman Media | Tucson | The Executive, Pizza Vs. Skeletons, Cash Cow
Riverman Media LLC is a small, independent, game development studio dedicated to the art of 2D game creation. It was founded in 2005 by brothers Jacob and Paul Stevens.

Runner-Up Studios | Tempe | Drill Dash
Runner-Up Studios met in 2007 while attending junior high. After two satisfying game jam experiences they began developing their first full-fledged title in partnership with Game CoLab.

Running with Scissors | Tuscon & Manchester, UK | POSTAL Series
Running With Scissors develops outrageous games just for the hell of it

Safe Communications | Scottsdale | Kuboo
Kuboo is one of Safe Communications leading products in the overall protection of children’s interaction with progressive technology and social media behavior.

Socent Studios | Tempe | The Deadliest War
Targeting global exploitation of Central Africa's conflict minerals, we're creating a narrative-driven World Game for peace.

Spiky Fish Games | Tempe | Sketchcross
Spiky Fish Games is an independent game developer located in Tempe, Arizona. We pride ourselves at making high quality fun products.

Studio 4 Gaming Innovation | Glendale | Wander, Stacker, Cathedral
In the Studio 4 Gaming Innovation we are exploring the transformative power of art through the media of games and play.

Super Fun Productions | Phoenix | Crystal Catacombs, IOB
Super Fun Games LLC is a tech start-up in video game development in Phoenix, Arizona. We make casual mobile games with hardcore elements.

Team Colorblind | Tempe | Aztez
In Aztez, you expand and maintain the Aztec empire through turn-based strategy, while managing violent outbreaks via real-time beat 'em up sequences.


Terrasect Mobile | Tempe | Wizards: 1984, Customer Loyalty App, PiGame
Terrasect first entered the mobile game market with the release of My Ninja, and continued to build its body of work with notable titles such as PiGame and the commercial game Francisco’s Brick Pizza Game. Game CoLab Incubatee.

TFPSoft | Phoenix | Speeding Ticket, TFPEngine
TFPSoft, LLC is an independent developer of PC, console and coin-operated arcade games. 

Timefire VR | Scottsdale | Hypatia
We are building Hypatia as a safe place to explore, learn, be entertained, meet with friends and family, and find delight along the way. There are no guns, no zombies, and no war. This is a place for the discovery of mind, imagination, and self.

Titanomachy Studios | Mesa & Pennsylvania | Stacker, RollerBall, Guardian of the Forest
Titanomachy Studios is a tight knit group of talented and driven game developers from all over the world whose one mission is to create fun and memorable games. 

TwinSky Games | Phoenix | Adventure Time: Time Tangle
At TwinSky Games, 'YOU are the CONTROLLER!' No, it is: 'TwinSky Games is the undisputed leader of pun-based gaming entertainment!' ...Much better!

UAT Game Studios | Tempe | KnickKnax, Great War: STA, Mirrored
A student game development studio based at the University of Advancing Technology that boasts the largest studio size in Arizona!

UnchargeD Studios | Scottsdale | The Tunnels: Welcome To Your New Life
The UnchargeD Team is a small but interesting team, we may be small but we have large imaginations, and that's what truly counts.

Up and Atom | Scottsdale | Guns and Ammo Point of Impact: Reloaded, Fly Fisherman
Up&Atom! Digital is developing games and apps for the things you love to do. We partner with media companies, their brands, magazines, television/cable shows and websites to create entertaining and fun products that are focused on your interests, hobbies, pastimes and activities.


Waden Kane Studios | Tempe | Turtle Boarden
We design, innovate, and create the most fun video games in the world. We intend to change the definition of what it means to play games on mobile devices.

WePlay Media | Phoenix | MotoGP Championship Quest
Mobile Media and MotoGP Mobile Game developer. Works with movie, TV and sports licenses to make great content.

Wicked Cake Games | Tempe | Zwarms, Murdercycle
At Wicked Cake Games we strive to make games that are fun and outside the box and sometimes even educational ( don't tell anybody).

Zippy Brain | Phoenix & Los Angeles | WealthSim, Fight the Fire, Earth Day Carol
Fun apps that are good for your brain!

Zoom Platform | MegaRace Reboot, Mr. Travel
ZOOM’s mission is to design, create, and publish traditional and interactive entertainment with a Generation X trans-media appeal. 

ZeroFolio | Tempe | Geo
Over the past few years, I've created quite a few different works in a handful of areas I'm passionate about. From working with raster images to creating full-fledged games, this is where those pieces come together.


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