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The Game CoLaborative

Most brands and agencies don't get games, especially independent games - we do. Look, we've got game developers that need a hand to drive their games to the top of the marketplace. They have an awesome product, but as independent developers, they lack some of the resources required to really excel. That's where we come in. As professional network of the game industry, the Game CoLaborative lends a helping hand at a price that doesn't obliterate the developer's budget. If you have the chops to support these game developers, we invite you to join the Game CoLaborative!

How It Works

We maintain an ever-growing database of creatives, marketers, business specialists, and game professionals. When a game developer comes to us looking for support, we determine their needs and then match them with the right Game CoLaborative members.

  • Brand asset artists

  • Copywriters

  • PR specialists

  • Social media gurus

  • Event professionals

  • Content artists

  • Venues and sponsors

  • Digital video creatives

  • Musicians and composers

  • Prototype builders

  • Assisting game developers

  • Contract studios

Game Development

Business Development

  • Investors

  • Business advisors

  • Legal counsel

  • Certified accountants

Trailers and Music

Community Building

PR and Marketing

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