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A highly anticipated game, Bloodborne was released on March 2015 and quickly rose to critical acclaim. An action-packed survival horror RPG, the game revolves around the Hunter who fights through countless mobs with transforming weapons from guns, to saw cleavers, to whips and takes on a quest to uncover the secrets of Yharnam. Developed by From Software, the makes of Dark Souls, Bloodborne is essentially the successor to Dark Souls and there are many similar elements such as the note system from Dark Souls and souls (now called Blood Echoes). Bloodborne starts out with a strange man (who looks like a pirate) performing a blood transfusion on you as you're tied down onto a table. You then begin to hallucinate and are approached by monsters before waking up in an eerie and empty Iosefka's Clinic. As you walk through the clinic you run into one of the monsters from your dream who is gnawing on a mutilated body on the floor. The monster is actually unbeatable and you will die; and it will definitely not be the last time you die. The game is extremely difficult and there have been complaints of Bloodborne being too difficult and repetitive for those who aren't very good at video games. Seriously, be prepared to die hundreds and hundreds of times. My favorite thing in Bloodborne would definitely be the combat system that rewards aggressive play with health regen from attacking monsters. The weapons in Bloodborne also have two alternate states that encourages different approaches to combat and enhances the diversity of combat. Many people have probably not played Bloodborne since it just came out, so I won't reveal too much more about it.

Be sure to check out Bloodborne!

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