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Bought out by Sony, OnLive Closing on April 30th

A cloud gaming company whose worth was estimated at $1.8 billon at one point, OnLive and it's cloud gaming services will shut down on April 30th. As of yesterday, the company is not renewing any subscriptions. In 2012 the company was estimated to have 1.2 million players, but no more than 1,600 people were playing at any given time. Sony has bought 140 of OnLive's gaming patents and plans to use them for their own cloud platforming to support their PlayStation player base.

The OnLive game service launched in June 2010 with a price of $14.95 per month and showed that games could be played anywhere on any device. A pioneer in the game industry, OnLive revolutionized how we use cloud and streaming services today and we're sad to see it go.

Did any of you use OnLive? Leave a comment below!

Read OnLive's official statement here:

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