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Meet Spiky Fish Games

Spiky Fish Games, founded Kendal Cormany (right) and later joined by Cameron Wirghtsman (left) , are one of the many Arizona independent game developers that will be attending the Arizona Video Game Showcase in May with their game SketchCross; a nonogram logic puzzle game. Not familiar with nonograms? Think of it as a mix between crossword and sudoku. Nongrams were first popularized in the Japanese game industry with the game Picross for the DS, Sketchcross hopes to bring the same type of popularity to America on the PS Vita.

Sketchcross will launch with 50 puzzles that will feature a variety of different sizes and difficulties. Puzzles will be as small as 5x5, while the more intricate puzzles can be as large as 30x30; each finished puzzle having it's own picture ranging from something as simple as a letter 'B' or something complex like elephant seen above.

SketchCross will launch on April 28th in the Playstation Store. Be sure to buy the game and check them out at the Arizona Video Game Showcase this May!

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